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    ATM Only: Visa offers ATM only debit cards through their partnering banks in which their customers can draw money from their bank accounts from any ATM that accepts Visa or their affiliate partners. This is an ideal situation for professionals who travel regularly and require access to their funds while they're away. ATM only cards cannot be used as credit cards or to make debit purchases. They are for ATM use only.

    Business: With a Visa Business credit card, consumers can earn points, use reporting tools to track balances and accounts and transactions as well as rest assured that their purchases are protected with Visa's powerful fraud protection. They can also earn discounts on business purchases at select retailers.

    Classic: The classic credit card from Visa, this card offers zero percent interest for the first six months for qualified applicants. By making just one purchase per year, the cardholder will not be required to pay any annual fees. They can also receive extra cards to share with family members. The Classic Visa credit card offers a 20 to 25 day grace period as well as liability protection.

    Corporate: The Visa Corporate Card is the ideal credit card for corporations that need to monitor and control their expenses. You can streamline expense reporting, reduce travel and entertainment costs, and monitor employee travel and spending compliance. With such powerful tools available for corporations, the Visa Corporate Card offers flexibility and accountability options for leaders in industry. The Visa Corporate Card also offers rental insurance options and emergency cash and card replacement for employees on business trips.

    Corporate T&E: One of the easiest ways for corporations to monitor employee expenses, aside from payroll and salaries, is through the use of T&E monitoring. Visa offers its corporate clients T&E (travel & entertainment) monitoring in order to keep track of these expenses that have often been difficult to monitor. When employees travel or entertain potential partners of clients, T&E helps accounting efforts to ensure that these expenses are legitimate and help reduce potential fraud.

    Dividend Signature: The Dividend Signature Card from Visa is a credit card that is offered through a secondary bank. The customer gets all the benefits of Visa, including acceptance at more than one million locations worldwide, cash advances, and more, plus specific incentives offered by the secondary bank. Some of these incentives could include cashback rewards or airmiles through specific carriers.

    Electron: Available in many locations around the world, not including the United States, Canada, Australia, or Ireland, the Visa Electron card works and acts much like debits cards with one significant difference: consumers must have the amount of the transaction in their account or the transaction will be denied. Some debit cards permit overdrawing an account, but with Electron, this is not the case.

    Gold: The basic standard credit card from Visa, the Visa Gold Card offers many of the same great benefits and protection as other Visa cards, but also offers cardholders emergency medical and legal referrals when traveling. One can also have access to travel and hotel accommodations specials and packages.

    Gold/Premium: Loaded with all the benefits of the Visa Gold Card, the Visa Premium has some extra benefits for travelers as well. These vary based on the customer's needs, so it's important to check on each option.

    Horizon Classic: Offered to Canadian subscribers through CIBC, the Horizon Classic Visa entitles its members to rewards programs and the Areoplan, which entails earning flyer miles with each purchase made. With a nominal annual fee, it comes with the safety and security that backs all Visa transactions.

    Infinite: Designed to meet the needs of a select group of upscale clientele, the Visa Infinite is available only in a select number of nations around the world. Advertised for its most prestigious members, this card has a host of benefits that cater to the successful and demanding businessman or businesswoman. Backed by the strength and security of the Visa corporation, the Infinite comes with infinite possibilities.

    Loaded: Visa's equivalent to a prepaid debit card, this card can be used anywhere in the world where Visa debit is accepted. While the account must be 'loaded' with funds before the consumer can make a transaction, Visa's protection plan supports these clients as they do with all other offers.

    Multicurrency: Visa has teamed with Mastercard to offer global merchants an opportunity to transact with clients from all over the world without having to be concerned with conversion rates or delays in payment. By using this system, clients can fund through Visa to complete the sale.

    Purchasing: Visa Purchasing Card is available in Europe and accepted in over 8 million locations throughout Europe. Designed for businesses in Europe, the Visa Purchasing Card makes it easy for business to track expenses and procurements.

    Platinum: The Visa Platinum Card is the next step in credit cards from the Gold or Premium. With higher limits and lower rates, the Platinum card is ideal for customers who demand more from their credit card and still expect the same level of security.

    Plus: Visa's global mark for ATM machines, this logo on the back of the card means that Visa cardholders can use any ATM machine throughout the world that contains this icon. Specific fees may apply to different ATM machines.

    PremierMiles Signature: Ideal for travelers who use their credit cards for many purchases, the PremierMiles Signature Visa Card offers airline miles for every purchase made. Over time, these miles can add up to free airfare to certain locations.

    Rebate: These promotional cards are used by businesses when sending out rebates to customers for qualified purchases. These cards will be pre-loaded with the rebate amount and can be used at any retailer that accepts Visa cards.

    Signature: with no preset spending limit, the Visa Signature Card is ideal for its customers who have built their reputation through years of hard work and financial responsibility. The Signature card removes the hassles of traditional credit cards and brings more freedom to the cardholder.

    Signature Business: the Signature Business Visa Card allows its members to enjoy savings, excellent reporting tools, and rewards for everyday business purchases. It also give the cardholding business access to entertainment and events packages, travel specials, upgrades, and more, including 24/7 concierge service.

    Top-Up Card: the Top-Up card is another variation of the growing popularity in prepaid debit cards. Visa's Top-Up Card is ideal for those that want to benefits of Visa's security and flexibility as they are accepted wherever Visa is accepted.

    Travel Money: Visa Travel Money is another prepaid plan that is advertised to travelers as it takes the place of Traveler's Checks. Able to be used anywhere Visa debit is accepted, the account associated with this card is deducted with every purchase.

    V Pay: specifically for European customers, the V Pay is a debit card using the Visa logo. More and more banks in Europe are beginning to use the V Pay debit card for its customers.

    Visa Cash: Visa Cash is the latest in technology in which a small electronic chip is embedded in the Visa Card that store pin and other information. A customer can charge the card at an ATM, and then the card acts as a cash machine. All you have to do is run the card at a vendor and the amount is deducted from the card.

    Visa Commerce: Visa Commerce is a powerful electronic business-to-business payment and processing management solution. Visa Commerce help businesses overcome the costly expense of check payments an limitation of other payment options.

    $300 Card Limit: Also known as the Tribute Mastercard, this is ideal for individuals with poor credit scores who wish to begin the process of rebuilding their credit rating. It begins at a $300 limit and can be increased over time with on-time payments and avoiding overdrawing the credit line.

    ATM Only: When you open an account with a bank, many offer the option of having an ATM only debit card from Mastercard. This offers the cardholder an option to use their debit card as thousands of locations worldwide.

    Cirrus: This feature that Mastercard holders can use links their bank with over banks domestically as well as internationally. A Cirrus cardholder can perform transactions at any Cirrus ATM worldwide, sometimes for a fee.

    Electronic: This card feature is only good for electronic purchases, meaning those made online or through online retailers. It cannot be used in traditional brick and mortar stores.

    Gift: Mastercard Gift Cards have become exceedingly popular as a gift idea for any number occasions including holidays, birthdays, graduation and other events. It can redeemed and used at any retailer or location that accepts Mastercard debit cards.

    Gold: The popular card of Mastercard offers its members protection against fraud as well as insurance and coverage for a host of potential traveling headaches including baggage delay insurance as well as auto rental insurance. It is in the same family as the Mastercard Platinum card.

    Maestro: Mastercard's premier international debit platform, this option was designed for Mastercard's European consumers and works in much the same way as Cirrus in that it allows Mastercard customers access to ATMs and retailers around the world, in more than 100 countries.

    Standard: The basic, entry level card in Mastercard's line of credit cards, the Standard Mastercard can be used in millions of retailers worldwide and offers Zero Liability Protection and access to Mastercard's Global Service which is basically emergency service twenty-four hours a day from anywhere in the world.

    Platinum: Offering many of the same features as Mastercard's Gold Card, the Mastercard Platinum takes these features one step further for its customers. With generally better interest rates and access to cash advances, the Mastercard Platinum is ideal for the average professional whose needs are always on the go.

    Prepaid: Mastercard Prepaid cards offer their customers the option to 'load' money into their account so that they have access to their money using their Mastercard logo card at millions of retailers worldwide. Safer and more convenient than cash, the Prepaid Mastercard is ideal for consumers who have trouble obtaining credit.

    World Signia: The World Signia Mastercard was designed for its most demanding customers and is the elite card in Mastercard's prestigious family. With personalized support when traveling worldwide, as well as availability for cards to share with your family, the World Signia Mastercard is the cream of the crop of cards

    Blue Cash: the American Express Blue Cash credit card is a low interest card that offers its customers the opportunity to earn cash back with any purchase. With online access to track their account as well as rebate information and balances, the Blue Cash is a diverse card ideal for the demanding client.

    Blue for Business: Designed for businesses, the American Express Blue for Business credit card offers business fee-free purchases for those items that are specifically for their business. Also, American Express offers points for every dollar purchased that can be redeemed for travel, entertainment or other needs.

    Blue for Business (Small Business): This card is ideal for the small family business or the one without a lot of overhead. Sharing in the great tradition and benefits of other cards offered by American Express, their Small Business cards offer attractive interest rates and points reward systems.

    Centurion: American Express Centurion, or Black Centurion card was introduced in the 1980s and is a select card for its most successful and demanding clients. With staggering annual fees and, in some cases, initiation fees, this card was designed and continues to be the pride of its most valued clients.

    Citic: American Express has joined forces in China with their Citic Bank that enables American Express cardholders to make purchases within China without the need for their cards. This is ideal for the traveling businessman or businesswoman who can find the convenience an excellent way of making the most of their time in China.

    Corporate Card: Offering expense management tools, the American Express Corporate Card is perfect for large business and corporations that have cashflow coming in and going out on a regular basis. This program can help these businesses run more efficiently and earn points and other rewards when they use their American Express Corporate Card for purchasing supplies, travel arrangements, and other expenses.

    Credit: American Express offers a large range of options for their demanding clientele including small business and corporations. Valued and respected worldwide, the American Express credit card in your wallet is a sign that you've finally made it in life.

    Gold: The traditional American Express credit card, the American Express Gold Card is the flagship for the brand. With no annual fee for the first year, this is an ideal card for those consumers looking for purchasing power and respect worldwide. The Gold Card also offers entertainment access, including the opportunity to purchase tickets for certain events before they go on sale to the general public. With protection unmatched in the market, the Gold Card stands by its proven reputation.

    Green: The American Express Green Card has features that protect the consumer for returns, fraud, and other potential situations that come up. With no interest when the balance is paid in full each month, the Green Card is perfect for those consumers that want the convenience of a respected card and maintain their financial accounts in good standing

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