COBS: How to process change of billing


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    COBS: How to process change of billing Empty COBS: How to process change of billing

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    What is a COB??

    COB stands for change of billing, a full info with online access giving you the ability to be able to change the address on file to your drops address. This means that orders will be authorised unlike using a normal cc and ordering to a different address than that on file.

    Where or how do i get a COB??

    There are a few ways in which you can obtain yourself a COB.

    1.Buying from a vendor, these cost from around $80 to $300 depending on what the limit is set at on the card, the higher the limit the higher the COB costs.

    Check the vendor forum to see who sells these.

    2. Setting up a scam page and stealing online account logins, You will need to know a little about spamming and web page design, or if you cant do neither there are services offered by vendors to take care off that, make sure the scam page has entires for cc number,mmn and dob aswell as account login entries.

    3. Enrolling a full info to an online access, You can sometimes (depending on the bank) enroll a full info into online access, the advantages are that it is created fresh with no prior use
    so there are no worries of the account holder logging in and seeing the address change, the disadvantages are it is rather hard to find a full info that can be enrolled (some vendors keep these to themselves)

    How should i work with the COB??

    A basic summary of how to work with a cob..

    1. Log into the account and change the address on file to the address of your drop.
    2. Wait five days.
    3. Check the account to see if the address change is still there (or use a vendors checking service)
    4. Start with a small order for like $500 to $700
    5. Wait 1 or 2 days depending on your patience and order higher priced goods, around $2k
    5. Space each order between a day or two.
    6. Use till it screams declined

    When should i change the address?

    I reccomend changing the address at the begging of the month so the card holder would of just got his statement and wouldnt notice anything wrong, this gives you a full month to order before the
    card holder notices his statement hasnt come and become a bit suspicous.

    Instant Address changing

    It is true that some banks offer instant address changing, meaning as soon as the address is changed it is actually changed there and then, so that also means you can skip the 5 day waiting period, i would suggest waiting a day to not raise any flags.

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