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    CITIbank Transfer Explained Empty CITIbank Transfer Explained

    Post  atmfreak on Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:27 pm

    Bank transfers for newbies or how to make you first 1000$ as the example of CItibank.

    Bank transfer is a transfer of money funds using an online banking from banking account of good and loyal holder to a drop’s account.

    The first thing you need for successful bank transfer is the access information of a bank account, in addition to user name and password (account number and PIN, etc.) you need more information for transfer.

    Now more about the extra information: in different countries different banks require a variety of additional passwords, codes, pins, tans etc.

    For example in Germany you need to enter tans, itans, mtans in Greece they uses SSL certificates, the Spanish equivalent of itans France requires the activation of new pay using the activation code.

    Let's look at the whole process of the money transfer from getting the bank account to receiving money to your WMZ for example, Citibank. So the task # 1 is to get the Citibank bank account with money on it.

    Going to forum and looking for sellers with good feedback from good members. For example there are two ways to buy an account for 1-2% of the balance sheet or ask for an account to cash it (it means that, after the successful money transfer you have to pay to seller 30-50% of your earnings).

    You may also need to tell the seller that you need additional information in the case of Citibank you would need an E-mail which was registered on the account there will come the authorization code for the transfers.

    Finally we’ve got the Citibank account, I think that half of the deal is done and you need to find a money mule at the Citibank for inside the bank transfer.

    Just tell you that for Citibank at this moment is only to make an inside bank transfer, if you want to make a wire transfer would need to do the tough call to the bank. From the guy who give you a money mule you receive the information that mule which will consist the first and last name, then account number at Citibank and routing number (or address of the bank).

    Now go directly to the money transfer. Don't forget to set up your computer: English windows, USA time, etc. turn on VPN, put on the socks (as close as possible to the real IP of the Holder) Go to the Citibank website, enter the login and password, get into your account, see open accounts and balances at them, often checking and saving accounts sometimes several checking accounts, etc.

    Above choose transfers. Here we can transfer money between accounts.

    we are interested in the link bottom of the transfer money to the other account in US. Click, then ask for authorization code to the Email and wait until the code will come. in the e-mail we would be interested in two things: first the code, second is the name of Holder, it will be right on top and later will be useful to us.

    Enter the code in the appropriate field. Here we have four fields: first select the account from which money transferred, second payee name of the money mule, third destination here you need to choose a branch of a bank, to determining this branch by routing (ABA) number and last field enter the account number of the money mule, press click then enter the amount.

    The normal amounts here are not more than 2000 (can be more but with varying degrees of success), the second field is the the note of the transfer, then think a little bit and write that this donation for poor children of Zimbabwe, in the last field you need to enter the name of Holder, which we took from an e-mail. Making a print-screen where it will be clear showed that the transfer was successful and send this screen to the money mule.


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