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    Post  Rambo on Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:46 pm

    Listen up everyone, I just want to make 1 thing clear. is 100% legit.
    I have been a member and a regular buyer on there for nearly 3 years now (since early 2012). Out of all the dumps and cvv sellers. Goldbankcards has been the most consistent and has always had the best updates first. Not to mention he always replaces upon request unlike the other sellers who give you small limit of time to check.
    There are negative reviews due to copycats trying to kill the name of such a topclass hacker and seller (the BEST seller in my opinon). There is a fake version of goldbankcards which is using the .net extension. Simply put ( is a Scam) and ( is Legit)
    Keep up the good work goldbanks and guys dont get caught out by the fakers and scammers. Use the real domain on .com extension and yall will be safe!

    Peace Smile

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