ATM Ghost form TuxedoCrew is legit [MUST READ]


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    ATM Ghost form TuxedoCrew is legit [MUST READ] Empty ATM Ghost form TuxedoCrew is legit [MUST READ]

    Post  YingYang_89 on Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:06 pm

    Hello World
    I want to quickly update everyone on my deal with ATM Ghost from TuxedoCrew.Biz
    This is my official review of ATM Ghost service.

    Basically I opened on Tuesday (yesterday) with ATM Ghost, My order was for one ATM card and PIN. I started small just to test the waters and make sure ATM Ghost was legit.
    So i sent $200 for 1 card including the shipping fee of $235. I made payment through bitcoin and i provided my drop address via Privnote.
    ATM Ghost reassured me my order would be sent on a 24hr service through UPS. Within 2 hrs (after payment) ATM Ghost confirmed my order was shipped and he gave me the tracking information to track my order. The tracking all worked and it gave me an estimated delivery of 24hrs.
    Fast forward to today and my order arrived at exactly 10.30am and as instructed the delivery guy left my packaged on my door step / porch (i didnt want to sign for it to be extra safe)
    The card came packaged in an old laptop shell Smile and I emailed atm ghost to confirm the card arrived. Just to let everyone know i succesfully withdrew $1500 directly from the ATM at the gas station (really discreet atm). So far im extremly happy with my order and im vouching ATM Ghost is a legit seller.

    This is my public Thanks to ATM Ghost and the team at TuxedoCrew


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