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    1. Design/Getting a scam page

    So to start you will need a decent scam page, one that looks life the real deal a
    nd will fool people into entering there details. Scam pages come in diffent forms
    and sizes from a single page to multiple ones but as long as yours is accurate it
    should work well. I have seen many scam pages or spam mail with countless spelling
    and grammar mistakes, I advise everyone to use a spell checker and read through it a few times, if your the language you are using is bad then ask someone who is
    fluent in that language to check it.

    Designing your own scam page:

    I do not know much about designing your own apart from the basics, there are
    others who are advanced and can add things like security lock and incorrect entry errors
    but for now you should start off with basic stuff.

    1. Go to the webpage that you are wanting to replicate.
    2. File, view source, notepad or similar program should open with alot of text.
    3. Save somewhere safe and close.
    4. Open and copy the source to a web design program, i would suggest
    'Microsoft Front Page Editor' as it can be downloaded for free and is easy to use.
    5. Edit the webpage to suit your needs.
    6. Go back to the source and now you will have to edit a few lines of it so
    that the entires are sent to you ( I cannot at this time remember what lines
    to edit so i will edit this shortly)

    Or to make the above a little bit more easier, you can download the following
    program and rip an entire site for you to play around with in your choosen
    web design program..

    BlackWidow -

    It has a 30 day trial restriction but a quick net search and you should be
    able to get a crack.

    Using free scam pages:

    Here are some free scam pages, thanks to Magister and blacksabbath who
    spent time creating them and gave them away at no cost, they are pretty
    decent and should work well. There are full versions of the e-gold and
    paypal scam page so if you would like that you can buy them
    off Magister.

    E-gold -

    Paypal -

    eBay - coming soon

    AOL -

    BankOne -

    Copy and past the links into a new browser as hotlinking might not work.

    The files are zipped so use winrar or a similar program to unpack them.

    Buying scam pages:

    You can by very proffesional scam pages from a few vendors, price varies on how
    good the page is, some vendors i would suggest are:

    Magister (CP)
    Aphrodite (CP)

    1.1 Setting Up Scam page (Getting details sent to email, icq etc)

    To make the details get sent to you, you will have to edit a few lines in one
    file which has to be done to the ones you are using. In the files specified
    below find the line mail("") and change the part in brackets
    to your email.

    E-gold - access.htm is the start page, set mail address at acct.php

    Paypal - login.html is the start page, set mail address at paypal.php

    eBay - coming soon

    AOL - aol.comsupport is start page, set mail address at process.php

    BankOne - SecurityUpdate is the start page, edit same line when viewing source
    on SecurityUpdate

    1.2 Hosting Scam page

    You will need to find a stable anon host which will allow you to keep your
    scam page up for a few days, most hosts will take it down as soon as they
    notice or get complaints about it so choosing a good host is important.

    OffShore Hosts -Look for a host that is situated in a different country
    as they do not really care what it is used for and have slow/weak spam and
    fraud control, offshore hosts are always good for this sort of work.

    Radmins - If you have some spare money i would suggest ivesting in one or
    two radmins, radmins are computers you have full remoute access to so you
    can do whatever you want with them. A radmin with a good speed can do
    many things from hosting to spamming and browse for them so they are good
    investment for scam page users. Radmins can last for a long time depending what
    they are used for but for scam pages the average is around 2weeks which is more
    than enough time for your scam page. Look around and you should be able to
    find a reputable seller of these however be careful as there are alot of rippers
    selling these.

    Bulletproof Hosts - I do not know much about this type of host but it seems some
    people like to it to host scam pages because of it being anon,fast, reliable and it
    allows its users to advertise by spam unlike some hosts which will take your site
    down if spam complaints are recieved.

    Other hosts - Look around and spend some time trying out different hosts and you
    are sure enough to find a few good ones for scam pages, use a CC to card the
    accounts as it would be stupid to pay for it unless its reliable and anon.

    1.3 Other

    Here are a few methods to make your scam page look even more authentic,
    I have not tried these but here is some information from those that have..

    Fake Address bar -

    You create an activex floating white window the size of the address bar and
    place the x/y values of it where the normal address bar would be. Works perfect,
    however if they're not in full screen mode ur FUCKED.

    Example -

    Also depending on resolution the effect varies.

    Fake URL -

    You can mask the URL of your host by using this old (but still working) technique




    It takes you to the paypal site but shows in the address bar...

    Fake SSL certificate -

    To get the lock at the bottom right of your screen on your scam page you will
    need to use a host that gives you the certificate as part of the package, the
    user who is viewing the scam page will have to click yes on the alert box that
    comes up and the padlock will be shown, this is good for sites like e-gold which
    tell the user to check for the padlock before logging in. is a good site to get you started with a host with ssl cert.


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