[Tutorial] + Everything You Need] Ultimate STEAM Cracking/Checking tutorial


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    [Tutorial] + Everything You Need] Ultimate STEAM Cracking/Checking tutorial

    Post  zeusk on Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:34 pm

    ~I have cracked hundreds of steam accounts, but I am now over it, so heres my ins and outs with everything provided when it comes to cracking STEAM~


    1. APEX by Buddah

    2. APEX Steam config

    3. Steam Leecher by Cricket


    Okay to start download all required applications. APEX I think already comes with the Steam config so no need to install it,
    I just added the config incase people were using the an old version or something.

    To install the config incase you dont have it installed, navigate to your APEX folder and open the config.ini file with notepad
    copy paste the steam config to the bottom of this file and be sure to add the steam code to the top where it says logins.
    (e.g. RS,HF,Steam).

    Now we need a good valid steam userlist, so fire up Crickets steam leecher, now rightclick the wordlist column and load a wordlist,
    (not a combo list), just any list will do, one with common words like a most common wordlist is effective. The steam leecher will search
    these keywords and return leeched usernames in the right column. It is better to use this steam leecher as it searches the steam community and
    returns the usernames found there (well im sure it does ), the problem with leeching steam forums is that to login to the steam forum
    you do not use your steam account, you use a seperate forum account therefore usernames can be different and heaps are invalid (Though
    is still good too if you wish to leech the forums, will still get hits!).

    Let the leecher run then click 'Oh Noes!' to stop leeching, then right click the leeched column and go 'Remove Dupes', then save your
    leeched list!

    Go leech some proxys! or get a proxy list ready!, i recommend proxyfinder enterprise, however im not posting a link here. Then be sure to check
    your proxies anonymous proxies only! (will explain later in the steam info section at the bottom). By anonymous proxies I mean only
    Level 1 and Level 2 proxies. No level 3's, this is a big mistake most people do when cracking steam, just leech a big list then use them,
    just because APEX says the proxies are valid, dont be noob, check the proxies!... People tell me how they run 20,000 proxy lists and shit,
    when I bet only 200 are anonymous.

    Now fire up APEX, goto site settings and select steam, now goto cracking setting I recommend a timeout of 14000 (dont wana slay your proxies)
    and I use 15-20 sockets, I purposely want APEX to run slow (will explain later in the Steam info section at the bottom).
    Now load your proxy list into APEX, and load your leeched steam username list.

    Now when it comes to passwords, this is up to you, name as pass is good, if you are going to run with passwords I recommend using no more than 3, I
    will normally run with no more than 1 or 2.

    Now run APEX!, let it crack away and good luck, check your proxies and send the valid ones over, but give them lots of time to be checked (i.e 20minutes)
    before sending them over.

    When APEX finishes cracking (should have accounts), save the cracked list in the 'user - pass' format.


    When it comes to checking steams the best and most reliable way is by hand, i.e logging into steam then clicking library and seeing what games
    are there (most will be empty). Check to see if the account is un/verified, by going to 'Steam' at the top then settings, and where it says the
    associated email, it will say whether it is verified or not. Verified means you cannot change the associated email, so not much use, as in
    its usually only a matter of time before the account holder realises its been cracked and changes the pass (which you cannot change).
    However with unverified accounts, you can change the associated email and password etc. The process to checking/verifying an account
    is as follows:

    Crack Account > See what games it has > check if verified > if unverified change associated email > Then change password > verify the account

    Alternative method of checking as opposed to manual::

    This is SteamCracker as cracked by Exidous, it is extremely unstable, though virus free, completely clean report by virus total, it is an absolute cunt
    to use thanks to its instability, and most will probably opt to not use it. Dont fucking moan to me that its unstable or useless or whatever, go fuck
    yourself if thats what you wana do.

    Haha ok to actually use this application, once you have done cracking a list of accounts, fire up Steamcracker. Load in the cracked list (remember I said when
    done cracking with APEX to save the list in the 'user - pass' format, that is because that is the combo type this program reads). Now goto
    passwords, click the down arrow then select password options, check the 'Username - Password' box option, then hide password options.

    Click the options button and set sockets to something low like 2, and timeout to whatever, mines at 6000.

    Now load a small completely checked and solid proxy list into the application, I only use 10 super solid proxies. Now click start cracking!... (Wtf cracking
    already cracked accounts??? you'll see )...

    Now you *should* see your already cracked accounts popping up into the cracked accounts column. When it is finished goto the folder where
    the SteamCracker application is located and open the file checked.txt, and you will see your cracked steam accounts with their lists of games beneath them!
    Cracked account but no list of games beneath it? the account has no games...

    With this checker you cant verify the accounts and whatever, but it should show which accounts have games, and which dont...

    .:Tutorial finished, but here are some interesting tips/hints to do with cracking Steam:.

    - Scan Steam lists more than once - The reason for scanning steam lists more than once is that steam allows upto five login attempts then blocks
    the IP for 15minutes via the need for captcha input. Therefore a proxy is rendered useless whilst check in those 15 minutes, so your missing out on accounts!
    Not much you can do other than use big proxy lists, and which is why I make APEX crack steam slowly, so it doesnt rush over and miss heaps of accounts.

    - Anonymous Proxies - The reason to use only anonymous proxies is that steam blocks gateway IPs, i.e. your real IP address when using transparent Level
    3 proxies, therefore repeatedly attempting to crack with your real IP even though your using a transparent proxy. Therefore if your going to use transparent proxies,
    then just be total fuckwit and just not even bother using proxies.

    -Hero - This is not a Hero advertisment, but cracking steam works shitloads better with Hero, I scanned a list over and over with APEX and got 30 accounts
    all up, ran once with Hero and got 100.

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